Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm a big boy, yes I am.

When I was born on 12/15/2006, 12 days ago, I weighed 6lbs 6oz. The day after I dropped down a bit as most babies do, and weighed only 5lbs 14oz. Two days out of the hospital (12/19/2206) at my first check up, I had jumped back up to 6lbs 3oz. Today, one week and one day later, at my two week check up I weighed a whopping 7lbs 2oz. That's almost a pound in one week. At this rate I should weigh about 55lbs by my first birthday! So, if you wondered why my mommy was in the back room while everybody else was opening up presents this Christmas you can see she was doing good work.

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Jeannie Stivers said...

What a cutie! You guys are going to have your hands full...I can't wait to hold him!