Saturday, December 23, 2006

Andrew...Now, that's a different story.

After their wedding in April of 2005 my parents began attending Stonewall Wesleyan Church in Lexington, Kentucky. There they met the Perkins family: Phil, Peggy, and Andrew. Andrew and my daddy shared many interests like fantasy football, American history, missions work, and their love for God. They spent time together whenever Andrew was home from college, and even connected Andrew to my Uncle Justin for a job in Washington D.C. after his graduation in December of 2006. On June 3 of this year Andrew's vehicle was struck by a train, and he went to be with his heavenly Father. In honor of his life, and in an attempt to always keep eternity before their eyes, they chose to make Andrew part of my life forever. My daddy has an awesome pamphlet written by Andrew's daddy about his life. If you'd like a copy just email him.

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