Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm a big boy, yes I am.

When I was born on 12/15/2006, 12 days ago, I weighed 6lbs 6oz. The day after I dropped down a bit as most babies do, and weighed only 5lbs 14oz. Two days out of the hospital (12/19/2206) at my first check up, I had jumped back up to 6lbs 3oz. Today, one week and one day later, at my two week check up I weighed a whopping 7lbs 2oz. That's almost a pound in one week. At this rate I should weigh about 55lbs by my first birthday! So, if you wondered why my mommy was in the back room while everybody else was opening up presents this Christmas you can see she was doing good work.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Andrew...Now, that's a different story.

After their wedding in April of 2005 my parents began attending Stonewall Wesleyan Church in Lexington, Kentucky. There they met the Perkins family: Phil, Peggy, and Andrew. Andrew and my daddy shared many interests like fantasy football, American history, missions work, and their love for God. They spent time together whenever Andrew was home from college, and even connected Andrew to my Uncle Justin for a job in Washington D.C. after his graduation in December of 2006. On June 3 of this year Andrew's vehicle was struck by a train, and he went to be with his heavenly Father. In honor of his life, and in an attempt to always keep eternity before their eyes, they chose to make Andrew part of my life forever. My daddy has an awesome pamphlet written by Andrew's daddy about his life. If you'd like a copy just email him.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The name Declan

People have been asking about my name. Since I am not able to talk yet, I thought I would use this forum to explain. Of course, one of the first things I did after I came home for the hospital was google my own name. This is what I came up with:

"From dag "good" and lan "full" suggesting "full of goodness." St. Declan was the founder of a monastery at Ardmore in County Waterford and may have preached in Ireland before the arrival of St. Patrick. Many miracles are attributed to a rock on the beach at Ardmore known as St. Declan's Stone. According to legend, on a trip back from Wales one of his disciples, Runanus, forgot Declan's sacred bell. But a prayer from Declan and, miraculously, the stone carried the bell over the waves back to Waterford."

The name just kind of came to my mom one morning, and neither of my parents could think of anything better. It is uncommon, yet it is an actual name. If you would like to read more about St. Declan my daddy has an extensive essay on his life. Just email him.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bringing Home Baby

My wife has been watching countless episodes of this show in the past couple months. Allow me to sum up. Cry, Eat, Poop, Diaper, Sleep...repeat. Poor Stephanie hasn't slept more than an hour in 4 days. She is a trooper though, and Declan is thriving. We'll find out if he is kicking the jaundice after his first appointment tomorrow.