Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Declan goes to the Fair

During a trip to the Kentucky State Fair last Friday in Louisville, I got a chance to see cows, goats, pigs, sheep, llamas, chickens, and a few Rosses. My great Uncle Jimmy was promoting sorgum production and retail sales. I don't know what sorgum is, but my daddy puts it on his biscuits and pancakes. Sometimes I even see him eat a spoonfull after dinner.

It was 100+ degrees so we didn't get out too much, but I didn't get to ride my first carousel with daddy. I had to hold on tight so he could grab me to keep him from falling off. It was a great time, and I really appreciate my Grandma and Grandaddy for going with us to keep my mommy in line.

Also, I love to take baths. When I hear the water running don't even thinking about getting in my way.


Friday, August 3, 2007

Bad to the Bone

Now that I'm on the verge of crawing, I've decided my parents need to loosen up, and let me go out on my own. My cousin Logan has a really cool hog that I'm planning on riding across country. If he's not to yellow I might take him a long with me. So if you see me in your rear view mirror, move on over to the right lane, because I'm coming through.