Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Declan goes to the Fair

During a trip to the Kentucky State Fair last Friday in Louisville, I got a chance to see cows, goats, pigs, sheep, llamas, chickens, and a few Rosses. My great Uncle Jimmy was promoting sorgum production and retail sales. I don't know what sorgum is, but my daddy puts it on his biscuits and pancakes. Sometimes I even see him eat a spoonfull after dinner.

It was 100+ degrees so we didn't get out too much, but I didn't get to ride my first carousel with daddy. I had to hold on tight so he could grab me to keep him from falling off. It was a great time, and I really appreciate my Grandma and Grandaddy for going with us to keep my mommy in line.

Also, I love to take baths. When I hear the water running don't even thinking about getting in my way.



Danielle said...

I love the bath pictures!! He is adorable! When are you all coming up to Ohio for a visit? I know the babies would get along great!

And Isabelle HATES showers. It's only a last resort, when I'm in a big hurry do I shower her.

drowninginblessing said...

Hi Brandon,
I don't know if I've posted yet. Danielle sent me your site address. Congrats on the little one! I like your explanation of the name Declan. Very interesting... We're awaiting the arrival of our first too (don't know if it's boy or girl). Rachel Burke Miller